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Emma Robinson

People are the heart of your brand. The use of brand ambassadors in your marketing campaign can help your customers connect with your brand and can showcase the human side of your company. Creating strong B2C connections can help consumers resonate with your brand on a deeper level.

Here are three ways brand ambassadors can help build brand awareness and recognition:

Building trust

One of the best ways to build brand trust is by connecting with your audience on a personal level. People today don’t want to engage with a faceless organisation and are instead interested in the people behind the brand. This is where your brand ambassadors can really shine. Consumers like to put a face to a name and by introducing brand ambassadors to your campaign, your audience is able to gain a deeper understanding of who your brand really is.

Improving reach and recognition

Getting your brand name out there is one thing but having it resonate and really stick in the mind of the consumers is another. Using brand ambassadors to showcase your brand through showing off your branding or driving up excitement at in-person events, is a great way to build brand recognition. Brand ambassadors can reach consumers in locations other mediums can’t and can quickly adapt to external changes that may affect the success of your campaign.

Creating a positive reputation

For so many industries, the competition is greater than ever. Consumers are expecting more and more from brands and it sometimes can’t just be left to letting your product or service speak for itself. Sometimes it does help to have a real-life person singing your brand’s praises. That’s where your brand ambassadors come in. Having a team of people that are knowledgeable of your brand and can are passionate about creating a positive experience for your consumers can generate interest in your brand and help you stand out from your competitors.


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