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Charlotte Harris

Digital out of home has developed rapidly in recent years. Bringing together the benefits of out of home with the insights of online advertising and the immediacy of digital, the channel now offers so many benefits that businesses can't afford to ignore it.

Throughout this article we briefly highlight some of the reasons why Digital Out of Home should be included in your media mix and how you can use screens to cut through the advertising noise.


Measure a campaign with clear ROI

In the past, it has been a common concern amongst businesses that complete campaign measurement was not possible with out-of-home advertising. With GOMO’s intelligent audience and campaign tracking, measurement is no longer an issue.

We partner with a trusted group of third-party measurement services to provide our clients with 100% accurate results. These detailed reports can include demographics, attention/dwell time, footfall and number of plays/watchers, all whilst keeping the viewers identity completely private. So, if you would like to see the complete impact of a digital-out-of-home, our iVans and iWalkers can provide real time data to inform your next campaigns.


You can be smart with your data

The data recorded from your campaign can allow you to dynamically trigger content in-line with engagement or context. A business can effectively build and target audiences through capturing the right people at the right time. Through real-time data analysis, marketers can discover the viewing habits of a customer therefore determining where and when to speak to them.

By engaging with consumers in contextual environments, such as in a shopping centre, outside the gym or even at their place of work, marketers can strengthen a brand’s messaging. Well considered media has been proven to drive lift of brand awareness, consideration, purchase intent, foot traffic and sales.


Activate your campaign when and where you need it

Want to activate an outdoor campaign, but do not have the time to wait for printing and posting? Digital out of home allows you to launch media when and where you need it, without the headache of printing and installing a billboard. Whether you need to launch a campaign at short notice, have extra budget to extend a campaign or need to be reactive, digital out-of-home can deliver.

With the mobile capability of the iVan and iWalker, GOMO can also reach places that traditional DOOH would not usually reach. The two pieces of innovative technology can move with the public, allowing your message to literally follow the crowd.


High-impact creative on a lower budget

Strong marketing can be made even more effective by being placed on unmissable, large format screens. GOMO's 3 LED iVans command the attention of the general public with a mix of audio and visual creative wrapped around the vehicle. Mixed with  remote content management and contextual targeting, brands are able to create a powerful media mix whilst seamlessly reaching consumers in the real-world.


Don't settle for a standard billboard, cut through the noise and make the lasting impression your campaign deserves. Contact us today to speak with our team.


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